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Zero Fire

&nbsp Zero Fire is the largest Rescue Force vehicle that looks like a red high-tech trailer trailer truck. It's able to carry five medium-scale vehicles inside its trailer side by side. Its main users are R0 and R5. Attached to it trailer is Zero Cannon, Zero Fire's main weapon.

Rescue the Mach Train!

In the movie, Reiji Osakabe (R0) summoned Zero Fire out of the canyons. Then it launched the five medium vehicles to remove the busts on Mach Train's track. Later, R0 and Zero Fire aided Super Rescue Max against Dr. Mado's Snake Train.

Rescue Force

In the series, Zero Fire and Resue Zamber were planned for creation. When Zero Fire was completed, R5 piloted it to help battle against the last Zukkien. While Dozer, Drill, and Shovel freed the concrete-encased Super Rescue Max Crane, Zero Fire, Riser and Turbo fought against the Zukkien until SRMC scrapped it

Rescue Fire

In episode 7 of Rescue Fire, Zero Fire carried the medium-sized vehicles to dock so they could be transferred to Europe. While the vehicles were being loaded, Zero Fire's cab could be seen in the background.

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