Yuma Megumi

Yuma Megumi is Rescue Fire's Fire-2, donning a silver Fire Suit and pilots Dozer Dragon. His father works as a construction foreman while his mother runs a monjayaki restaurant (Monjayaki is kind of like a Japanese pancake). Yuma's family lineage was the Megumi hikeshi (Japan's worldwide firefighters)

Rescue FireEdit

FireSliver KungFu


Speical MovesEdit

Yuma's main tool is usually the Rescue Breaker. With it he can execute the Axe Storm. When he uses the Tri-Basher, gun mode, he can use the attack, Circle Shot.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Tatsuya HomuraEdit

Yuma is Tatsuya's sempai and are often like brothers.


Yuma has a crush on Tama-chan, the cafeteria girl. He wasn't really able to express his feelings; as he attempts to set up a personal time together or a date, it ends up as a friendly group meeting. He married her at the final episode.

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