X-Dragon, vehicle mode

"X-Dragon: scramble!"

-Order given to X-Dragon to deploy.

X-Dragon is a large-scale ambulance with AI and VVEL engine. It's Tatsuya 's secondary vehicle. X-Dragon was a special kind of vehicle that only one with a strong Rescue Soul could pilot it.


X-Dragon could be summoned and controlled through the Rescue Megaphone or in the pilot cockpit both in vehicle mode and when combined with Fire Dragon as Rescue King. Among its features include shooting Drain Water and protecting itself with a Safety Shield.


X-Dragon has high preformance in its intelligence. It's pretty accurate in its moves. Even though not summoned, X-Dragon deploys itself in times of danger. X-Dragon sometimes take orders from other members of Rescue Fire such as Yuma and Captain Taiga. Among its words and phrases include "Roger", "Deploy", "Final Rescue", and several others.


Vehicle ModeEdit

In vehicle mode it's able to maneuver itself to dodge obstacles. Among its missions inclide transporting victims and supplies and responding to disaster locations.

Drill ModeEdit

X-Dragon has two long drills on its side that allow itself to dig underground.

Robot ModeEdit

"X-Dragon: Robot Mode!"

-Order given to X-Dragon to attain its robot form.

"X-Dragon Robo: transformation complete!"

-X-Dragon Robo announces the completion of its transformation.

X-Dragon Robo

X-Dragon has the ability to transform into a robot form, X-Dragon Robo. The back section forms the toso, limbs, and head, and the cab forms the feet.

Rescue King Edit

The Rescue King is the humanoid combination of the Fire Dragon and the X-Dragon. Its weapon is the King X-Basher (キングエクスバッシャー Kingu Ekusu Basshā) and its Final Rescue is the X Crash (エクスクラッシュ Ekusu Kurasshu), during which Fire-1 X charges the X-Basher and finishes the opponent with a freezing cross slash. Riding on GaiaLeon, Rescue King can combine their signature Final Rescues to execute the Double Impact Double Final Rescue


X-Dragon could preform a Final Rescue only in robot mode. This Final Rescue is X-Meteor Punch, sending a powerful energy punch at its opponent.

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