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The United Fire-Defense Agency (or UFDA) is the organization behind the Rescue Force and Rescue Fire Teams. Their goal is to prevent extreme disasters and fires that are too abnormal for regular rescue squads to handle.


Former Members[]

  • Kyosuke Jinari - Former R2
  • Obuchi (deceased) - Former original R1
  • Kamiya - Former R2
  • Kai (destroyed) - emotional AI
  • Tetsunosuke Ikeya - former training instructor
  • Ritsuka's father (deceased)


  • Kiichiro Shiraishi - head of Development Department of Japan's Pilot Corporation, was involved in the creation of Rescue vehicles
  • Eri Haseyama - an idol resembling Juri, currently attending Rescue academy
  • Naoshi and Asuka Taiga - archaeologists from Riku's family

Fields of Operation[]

Rescue Teams[]

Rescue Teams of UFDA are speicalized in rescuing people in crisises. Each member has different skills and are some are assigned to vehicles, wearing high-tech suits.

Medical Treatment[]

Training in medical in times of treating injured people

Technology Department[]

At this section, this is where most of Rescur Force and Rescue Fire's arensals and suits are developed and modified.

Vehicle Maintennance[]

This job includes the construction and modification of UFDA's vehicles.

Rescue Vehicles[]

The vehicles used by the UFDA's rescue teams are mainly designed for rescues. The large-scale vehicles are entrusted to expert pilots and usually leaders. The medium ones are back up vehicles that combines with the larger ones to aid in particular situations or to gain more power. The small-scaled vehicles are size of regular automobiles that includes police cars, ambulances, and vans. The large and medium scale vehicles' ammunition is forms of freezing water.

Rescue Tools[]

The Rescue Tools developed usually have more than one functions or modes. They could be used for combating as well.

Rescue Soul[]