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Tsubasa Aoi

Tsubasa Aoi is Rescue Fire's Fire-4 and part of the Sky Team, donning a black suit. He's a rival and friend of Ritsuka Yuki, and even had interest in her. Tsubasa's vehicle is Dash-4 and Jet Falcon.

Korean Name: 마크 (Mark)

Early life[]

Tsubasa and Ritsuka were college students together in America. They were said to have competed for high grades. Tsubasa never had seen Ritsuka simile before.

Rescue Fire[]

Fire 4

He was 21 years old in this series. Tsubasa, along with Jun Watari were selected to be on the Sky Team. They performed their first mission in battling a Fire Majin at sea.

When the Sky Team was introduced by Captain Taiga, Tsubasa expected Ritsuka to be Fire-1, intending to take that title from her. While being introduced, he was surprised that Ritsuka was Fire-3 and a rookie named Tatsuya was Fire-1. Tsubasa can't understand why he is Fire-1, as he is shown to be less professional than his teamates. After a mission was complete, Tsubasa then noticed Ritsuka was smiling as she never had in her college life. It was hinted that Tatsuya might have something to do with it.

Personality and Traits[]


Ritsuka Yuki[]

She is rival and friend, Tsubasa very likes her