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Tetsunosuke Ikeya at his beach shop

Tetsunosuke Ikeya is a former training instructor of UFDA. He currently runs a beach shop called Beach House Tetchan.

Rescue Fire[]

Captain Riku Taiga of Rescue Fire took the team to a beach for some training. He introduced them to Tetsunosuke Ikeya, who gave them different trainings. Yuma, Tsubasa, and Jun are to do chores while wearing 5 kg. shackles on their arms and legs; they can be only taken off when they're not training. Ritsuka and Tama-chan are to serve the customers and Tatsuya is simply to relax with the captain (and prevent him from being reckless). During the training, Ikeya also showed some tricks he know such as showing Ritsuke how to fake an ankle injury.

When the Jakaens attacked the beach house, Ikeya allowed Rescue Fire to combat them. The training paid off, as Ritsuka used the fake-ankle-injury trick to defeat a group of Jakasts. Tatsuya's long time of relaxation made him eager and motivated for action. After the Jakaens were disposed of, Ikeya, Resuce Fire, and Captain Taiga congrajulated and encouraged each other.

Episode Appearances[]

  • Ep. 21 - Swimsuit Suit-Up: Special Training at the Beach