Tatsuya Homura

  • Tatsuya Homura is the rookie member and a leader of Rescue Fire as Fire-1. His suit's color is orange. Although having a burning Rescue Soul, he's not totally professional like his teamates, leading into recklessness sometimes

Korean name: 히로 (Hero)



Tatsuya, six years old, with his parents

Tatsuya Homura was born to a pair of firefighters. At the age of 6, he and his parents went out one day on Christmas. Tatsuya's parents rushed toward a burning building to help the trapped victims. However, the building exploded, taking Tatsuya's parents lives. Tatsuya was sent to live with relatives, but they weren't exactly full of love. making him have a difficult life. He later attended Himawari Academy where he met Mei who was like his old sister. It was she who taught him how to smile when in difficult times.

Rescue FireEdit

FireRed KungFu


He is 19 years old. After graduating, Tatsuya joined the fire department like his parents have, and lated joined Rescue Fire. He became the field leader. He was late on his first day of rescue; he helped a boy to reach a girl whom he likes. Tatsuya quickly arrived at the scene, where the rest of Rescue FIre was already fightinig the Jakkaen, the fire demons. Tatsuya as Fire-1 joined the battle. When the Jakkaen unleashed their first Fire Majin, Biken, Fire-1 used his vehicle, Fire Dragon to defeat it.

Later, to help with Tatsuya's training, Captain Riku replaced his Rescue Megaphone with one that could transform into a robot.

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Fire-1 X

Fire-1 X

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