Tamami Sugiyama

Tanmama Sugiyama, or simply known as Tama-chan is the cafeteria girl. Her food is usually enjoyed by everyone who tastes them. Yuma Megumi, Fire-2, has a crush on her.

Korean name: 마리아 (Maria)

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Tama-chan vs Chuukaen

Tama-chan vs Chuukaen

As she's cooking at UFDA's cafeteria, Tama-chan was researching new finds of food and how to cook them. She believes that when people usually get what pleases them, it makes them happy. So her money usually went to food as she finds new ways of cooking and recipes.

Once, when visiting Manpuku Town to try out its restaurants with the Tatsuya, Yuma, and Ritsuka, Chukaen has captured the chefs of the city and only will let them go if someone wins her cooking contest. Tama-chan agreed to the contest while Rescue Fire battles the Jakasts. With Ukaen and Sakaen being the judges, Tama-chan and Chukaen made their dishes. While cooking, Tama-chan barely wasted a thing and was considerate of the others' taste. The final result was the winner was Tama-chan. But Chukaen double-crossed on her deal. Rescue Fire arrived and fended off the Jakaens. Ritsuka then congratulated her for saving life.

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