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Sawayaka Sayaka

Sawayaka Sayka is a young weatherwoman from Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire. Her pretty smile was well-known on broadcast. But in real life, she rarely does. Sometimes, her weather predictions were off.

Korean name: 한여름 (Han Yua-reum, "여름" means Summer)

Rescue Fire[]

Sayaka-chan decided she had enough after her weather broadcast on a large typhoon. Her crew tried to make her smile, but to no avail. The Jakasts and Chukaen attacked their van. Chukaen was fed up with Sayaka's reports that caused a hay fever at the Jakaen commander. Sayaka fled to a nearby playground with the Jakasts on her trail. Tatsuya Homura of Rescue Fire arrived and battled off the Jakasts, But during the battle, Sayaka accidentally made him drop his Rescue Megaphone. They were forced to flee inside the weather van.

Tatsuya and Sayaka ended up in a tunnel where it was closed due to danger of a landslide. While waiting for the rest of Rescue Fire to arrive, Sayaka began to get cold. So after trying the air condtioner, Tatsuya started making a fire. Although she thinks his effort is futile, Tatsuya managed to. As they began warming themselves, the Jakaen arrived, having followed the fire. Chukaen attempted to create a Fire Majin from Sayaka's sunflower, but the rest of Rescue Fire interferred and defeated the Jakkast. However, Chuckaen caused several boulders to block the entrance to the tunnel. Sayaka began to be upset with Rescue Fire again. Tatsuya then asked her to smile as she had on TV. While Tatsuya was getting instructions from the captain and a scolding, Sayaka actually smiled. The Sky Team arrived and they and Fire-1 cleared the boulders. After they got out, Sayaka and the TV crew thanked them and encouraged them to do their best in stopping the typhoon.

Sayaka then reported of Great Wyvern's victory against the typhoon, The members of Rescue Fire appeared with her live.

Personality and Traits[]

Sawayaka Sayaka was shown to be pestimistic in situations. She only smiles just for broadcast. Her mood changed when she saw the works of Rescue Fire and Tatsuya's Rescue Soul. She smiles genuinely possibly now.


Tatsuya Homura[]

At first, Sayaka-chan couldn't understand why Tatsuya keeps smiling and sees things on the bright sight. Tatsuya told he was born that way and encouraged Sayaka to smile.

Riku Taiga[]

Riku Taiga, Rescue Fire's captain is quite fond of her smile, despite her inaccurate predictions. Taiga finds comfort upon looking at her.

Episode Appearances[]

Ep. 22 - Explosively Extinguish the Big Typhoon