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Satoru Yuki

Satoru Yuki is an elite cadet from the Main National 3rd Rescue Squad.

Korean name: 레오 (Laeo)

Rescue Force[]

Satoru arrived at a rescue scene when Rescue Force was battling a fire monster. After the rescue, Captain Ishiguro introduced to him to Rescue Force. Satoru was assigned to Hikaru Todoroki (R1) to learn from him. But it was shown that Satoru was better then Hikaru in some areas, which make him wonder why Hikaru was in Rescue Force.

When Neo Terror unleashed their gravity Zukkein , Hikaru and Satoru were sent to rescue two victims from a building while R2 and Rescue Diver battled the mecha. Although the boy was saved, the second victim was revealed to be the boy's pet turtle. Satoru explained the misunderstanding, but Hikaru was determined to save the turtle anyway. Satoru temporarily drove Hikaru's vehicle, Rescue Striker and combined it with Diver to form Super Rescue Max. Satoru was unable to defeat the Zukkein. Hikaru finally saved the turtle and took over Rescue Striker. Satoru then shouted to Hikaru he still doesn't understand his actions, which Hikaru responded he will show then. After the defeat of the Zukkein by Super Rescue Max Crane, Satoru realized Hikaru's protection of the people's lives and their smiles.

Rescue Force then threw a good-bye party for Satoru as he leaves for France. But he already went to the airport and left his video of departure. However, to show what he learned from Hikaru, he left a box a turtle food for the turtle Hikaru saved. Hikaru then saluted a farewell to his cadet and friend.

Episode Appearances[]

  • Ep. 42 - Hikaru Gets a Student at Last: This is my Life