Sakaen is one of the Jakaen commanders who is the strongest. He resembles a muscular living volcanic rock with a volcano on his left shoulder. He has fire morning stars as his weapons. Sakaen speicalizes in animal Fire Majins


Upgraded FormsEdit

Flame DemonEdit

When touched by Jokaen's demon fire, Sakaen becomes a beast in his mind and his weapons are upgraded.

Hyper Kaen FormEdit

Sakaen hyperkaen

Sakaen's Hyper Kaen form

Sakaen was the first one to assume a Hyper Kaen form. In this form, he looks like a fire gorilla on a ball that resembles his morning stars and carries his actual ones as weapons and could lauch them at his opponents. This form has been defeated by Rescue King, GaiaLeon, Great Wyvern GX, and Super Rescue Max.

  • Ep. 27
  • Ep. 30
  • Ep. 34
  • Ep. 37

Hyper Gattaikaen formsEdit




Merged with a Haekaen, Hyper Sakaen is given the ability to fly. HaeSakaen first lunged at the ambulance where Fire-5's father is. But GaiaLeon pushed the Hyper Gattaien away. Taking flight, Heli Falcon chased after it. The helicopter lured HaeSakaen's fire morning stars back at the Gattaien. Rescue King then batted HaeSakaen's large ball with the King X-Basher, striking him out. HaeSakaen was finally finished off when Rescue King fired the Wyvern Cannon.

  • Ep. 35





Sakaen has a little affliction for Tama-chan. He likes her cooking, as opposed to Chukaen's. Whenever Tama-chan's insulted or in danger, Sakaen would care a litte for her.


  • Sakaen has egg allergies
  • The animals he choose have to be alive in order to turn it into a Fire Majin
  • Sakaen's name means "Left Fire" (左火炎 Sakaen), which plays with both his positioning with the other Commanders and his habit of ending his sentences with "L" (エル eru).
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