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Ritsuko Kanzaki

Ritsuko Kanzaki is in charge of UFDA's Technology Develpoment Organization. She usually work side by side with Naomi Okamura.

Korean name: 김여 (Kimya)

Rescue Force[]

In her first episode appearance, Ritsuko Kanzaki remodified Rescue Force's armors to withstand the power of the Terra Resetters.

Later, she and Naomi were captured by Neo Terror, under the orders of Daen (Obuchi , a former Rescue Force member). The two were forced to activate his base into a giant Terra Resetter. Also, Daen gave them his old Rescue Commander to fix. Eventually, they escaped and Hikaru, R1 found them, who also brought the failed Max Commander. During a battle, Ritsuko mananged to complete the data for Max Commander from Core Striker Max, allowing HIkaru to transform into R1 Max. After the battle, she and Rescue Force escaped and witnessed the redeemed Obuchi sacrifing himself.

During the Omega crisis, Ritsuko and Naomi upgraded R1 Max's Max Divider's power and completed a new Rescue card.

Another time, she finished the data for Rescue Crane to combine with Super Rescue Max with the help of a cadet named Satoru. She later viewed Rescue Force's battle against Neo Terror's leader, Batsu.

Rescue Fire[]

Ritsuko Kanzaki moved to Europe along with Rescue Force. Later, she came back to Japan to test UFDA's Rescue Fire team and see if they can form the vehicle combination, Great Wyvern

Episode Appearances[]

Rescue Force[]

  • Ep. 18 - The Rookie or the Great Veteran: Enter R5
  • Ep. 25 - Max Suit up Complete! The New R1
  • Ep. 38 - Decisive Battle! God Striker Wins!
  • Ep. 42 - Hikaru Gets a Student at Last: This is My Life
  • Ep. 50 - The Final Battle: All Vehicles Combine

Rescue Fire[]

  • Ep. 19: The Five-Piece Combination: Great Wyvern is Born.