Ritsuka Taiga

Ritsuka Yuki is the only female member of Rescue Fire as Fire-3. She's nicknamed "Miss Perfect", due to her superior skills in training.

Korean name: 리카 (Rika)

Early lifeEdit

During her childhood, Rituska lived with her father who was a part of UFDA's rescue team. She was barely able to make any friends. So she spent time mostly at the zoo, where her knowledge and love for animals grew.

During a Super-Disaster, her father died at the site of it. Since then, Ritsuka left for America and attended a university there, where she met Tsubasa Aoi, who later developed an interest in her. They also developed a small rivalry in grade and skills. After graduating, Ritsuka returned to Japan to join UFDA.

Rescue FireEdit

FireGreen KungFu


Ritsuka was chosen to be UFDA's new Extreme-Fire fighting rescue team, Rescue Fire. Instead of becoming Fire-1 as one would expect, Ritsuka became Fire-3, donning a green suit. Her teamates were Yuma Megumi (Fire-2) and Tatsuya Homura (Fire-1). She piloted a borrowed Rescue Force vehicle, Rescue Striker.

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Personality and TraitsEdit

While Ritsuka seems tough and cold on the outside, she actually has a caring heart on the inside. When ever she has someting embarassing, she would get psyched. Whenever her weakness is shown, Ritsuka would try to cover it up by acting cool toward it and try to ignore.


Tatsuya HomuraEdit

Ritsuka couldn't see why Tatsuya is Fire-1 as he was late on his first day of work and less professional than his teammates. But slowly, she began to realize Tatsuya's rescue soul and saw his actions as caring, making her develop a smile on her face.

Tsubasa AoiEdit

Tsubasa and Ritsuka were college students together in America. They were said to have competed for high grades. Tsubasa never had seen Ritsuka simile before. He is rival and friend.


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