Captain Riku Taiga

Riku Taiga is the captain of UFDA's newest rescue team, Rescue Fire. He came from Hokkaido, where he helps his sister at the farm. Taiga sometimes would arrive on the scene of rescues. His catchphrase is "Mission Clear" every time the mission ends.

Korean name: 타이가 (Taiga)


During elementary school, Riku was michievous and often got scolded by teachers. His sister, Marimo, would often be with the pet bunnies. One day, a fire broke out, surrounding the rabbits' house. Marimo tried to save them, but Riku held her back for her safety. Upon buring the rabbits and with Marimo crying over them, Riku vowed to never let the same kind of thing happen again and rescue lives and what is precious to them.

Test SubjectEdit


Captain Taiga injured after testing Fire-1 suit

After Riku Taiga became captain of Rescue Fire, he allowed himself to be a test subject in trying on the newly developed Fire Suits from Fire-1 to Fire-5. The test were proved brutal that Captain Taiga often gets hospitalized. Despite Bunji's warning, Taiga continued to do the testing, so the future wearers won't suffer any injury. After the tests, lot of his joints and nerve was damaged. So Riku Taiga wasn't able to wear a Fire Suit anymore.

Rescue FireEdit


Riku Taiga has two siblings: his older brother, Naoshi the archaeologist and his younger sister, Marimo. Taiga also has a niece named Asuka who is the daughter of his brohter.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Captain Taiga is strict in his training, yet concerning. He is shown to be unselfish as seen during the testing of the Fire Suits. He's a little annoyed when someone steals his catchphrase.

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