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The Rescue Zamber being held by R1 Max.

The Rescue Zamber (レスキューザンバー Resukyū Zanbā) is a Rescue Tool originally used by R0 and later, Rescue Force. The tool is shaped like a blue pickaxe and has a claw on the end of the handle.

Later, it appeared in the TV series as a newly developed Rescue Tool, and also used by R2 and R3.


Rescue the Mach Train![]

Rescue Zamber was R0's personal weapon. WHen not in use, it was held under Core Zero Fire. When summoned, Rescue Zamber would fly into R0's hand. The tool was then given to Hikaru, who used it during the Mach Train incident.


In the series, Rescue Zamber and Zero Fire were planned for construction. When the tool was completed, Captain General, as RU, gave it to R1 during a battle. Later, Rescue Zamber was also used by R2 and R3.


  • Javelin Mode (ジャベリンモード Jaberin Mōdo): Normal form. The pickaxe points are up and could be tossed like a javelin and can be used as a cutting tool. It can eliminate obstructive obstacles.
  • Haken Mode (ハーケンモード Hāken Mōdo): In this mode, it's a pickaxe-type weapon. This form is usually used as default form for combat. It can crush anything. When it appeared in the TV series, it exerts the power to crush concrete that does not break even if Sonic Divider and Mantis Impact are shot at the same time, and it is possible to release a shock wave.