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Rescue Shovel


Rescue Shovel is an excavator based medium-scale vehicle. It's usually summoned when Neo Terror's disaster machines are underground. Its final rescue is Shovel Crash, bringing down its bucket at the machine, dig it out, and either crush it with its claw mode or toss it in the air. Rescue Shovel also has a secondary attack of blasting out of its bucket.

Rescue Shovel Red Type[]

Rescue Shovel, Red Type

Rescue Shovel was later sent to Europe with Rescue Force. Later, it was brought back to Japan for upgrades. Rescue Shovel was repainted red. After its first mission in its upgraded form, Shovel stayed in Japan.

Rescue Cards[]

Rescue Shovel - summons Rescue Shovel

Shovel Crash - activates Rescue Shovel's final rescue

Open Up - summons all medium-scale vehicles including Rescue Shovel.