Rescue Saver

Rescue Saver

Rescue Saver is Kyosuke's large-scale vehicle. The vehicle could be divided into 5 sections. The cockpit for Core Saver was on the right. Its final rescue is Flash Cannon, where Saver shoots a sphere of freezing water at its target.

Rescue ForceEdit

Rescue Saver was given to Kyosuke when he proved himself in a battle against one of Neo Terror's Crisis Maker. Rescue Saver and Striker would fight side by side against the Terra Resetters. R5 once piloted Saver.

When the designs for Resuce Max was found, Saver was upgraded to combine with Striker to form the Rescue Max. The parts Rescue Saver form for Rescue Max are the limbs (much to Kyosuke's dismay at first).

After, the completion of Rescue Diver, Rescue Saver wasn't used again until the final battle.


Turbo Saver (Rescue Saver + Rescue Turbo)Edit

The first combination formed with Rescue Saver. Like Turbo Striker, it could preform the Turbo Tornado.

Dozer Saver (Rescue Saver + Rescue Dozer)Edit

Rescue Dozer links to Saver to form Dozer Saver. It's able to crush anything between Dozer's grill and dump.

Riser Saver (Rescue Saver + Rescue Riser)Edit


Riser Saver

Rescue Riser's cockpit attaches to the front of Rescue Saver and the back section behind it. This combination was only seen in the movie. Riser Saver used its ladder to get R1 and R5 on the hikacked Mach Train.

Rescue CardsEdit

Rescue Saver - summons Rescue Saver

Flash Cannon - activates Rescue Saver's final rescue

Hyper Up - gives the ability to combine with the medium-scale vehcles

Max Hyper Up - allows Rescue Saver to combine with Rescue Striker to form Rescue Max.

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