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Rescue Phoenix, Fortress Mode

Rescue Pheonix is a large hight-tech fortress that serves as the base for Rescue Force. It's located in Tateishi City until called for rescue.


Fortress Mode[]

Rescue Pheonix's base and fortress mode.

Flight Mode[]

When called for rescue, Rescue Pheonix spreads out its wings and its nose would close together. Rescue Striker would attach under the nose. Then it would take off with its thrusters. Rescue Phoenix, Flight Mode

Spiral Catapult Mode[]

When Core Striker upgraded into Core Striker Max, Rescue Pheonix was built with a spiral catapult mode. It would form an energy racing track around the vehicle entrance where the speeding Core Striker Max would roll. When it's at its highest velocity, Rescue Pheonix makes a straight track for Core Striker Max to be launched on to Rescue Striker.

Rescue Force[]

During the magma crisis, Rescue Pheonix had to rescue Rescue Max, which was hanging over a pool of lava. Rescue Pheonix, flight mode, pulled it out with its cable. Then Rescue Max jumped on top of the flying fortress, allowing the robot to fly. Rescue Max and Rescue Pheonix destroyed the Magma Zukkein together.

When Neo Terror came up with a very hard concrete, they used some of it to cover Rescue Pheonix, sealing its vehicle entrances. Unknown how, the concrete was removed off of the base.