Rescue Max

Rescue Max

Rescue Max is a giant robot formed when Rescue Striker and Rescue Saver combine. Rescue Striker becomes the torso; Core Striker Max is the brain. Rescue Saver forms the limbs and head. Its final rescue alone is Max Cannon, blasting a stream of freezing water from Rescue Saver's cannon

Origin of DesignsEdit

Obuchi, the first R1 invented a sketch program of Rescue Max and showed it Ishiguro. However, Obuchi knew they didn't have enough technology to build it. They would have to wait for ten years. Obuchi managed to put the designs in a cane, before he became Neo Terror's leader, Daen. Before sacrificing himself to stop his disaster machine, Obuchi gave the cane to Ishiguro.


Ishiguro discovered the designs in the cane and UFDA worked on upgrading Rescue Saver to combine with Rescue Striker to form the Rescue Max.


When Rescue Saver's upgrades were complete, Striker and Saver formed Rescue Max to battle against AI Daen, a computer version of Obuchi's evil identity. Rescue Max would be usually summoned to battle the Zukkeins. Later, Rescue Drill and Rescue Dozer were chosen to combine with Rescue Max.


Rescue Max Drill-DozerEdit


Rescue Max Drill-Dozer

One of Rescue Drill's drills would connect to Rescue Max's right shoulder and Rescue Dozer connects to its left shoulder. Its final rescue is Max Blaster, flinging its opponent in the air and pierce with Rescue Drill's drill.

Rescue Max and Rescue PheonixEdit

Riding on top of Resuce Pheonix Flight mode enables Rescue Max to fly. Its final rescue is Freeze Cannon, freezing its target and ramming into it.

Rescue CardsEdit

Max Hyper Up - allows Rescue Striker and Rescue Saver to form into Rescue Max. The card also enables medium-scale vehicles to combine with Super Rescue Max as well.
Max Cannon - summons Rescue Max's final rescue and Freeze Cannon

Max Blaster - summons Rescue Max Drill-Dozer's final rescue.

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