Rescue Force

Rescue Force are a group of UFDA's trained rescue team to handle abnormal disasters. The team usually consists of 4-5 members. Each member has a Resuce Commander that enables to change into their rescue suits and help them on missions. Some of their training courses include combat, medical aid, vehicle piloting, and phyical exercise.

Rescue SuitsEdit

Each member of Rescue Force has a orange Rescue Suit that comes along with different colored armor and their code names. The females' are modified with skirts. The secondary colors of the suit match with the armor. There's also a release pull tab on the armor to shed off the suit. The belt has a grappling hook and a place to hold the Rescue commander. Helmets have double visor and head lights to see in dark areas. On the right shoulder is a place to connect the breathing mask. The Rescue Force members could change into their suits in the Build up chamber.


First GenerationEdit

Second GenerationEdit

Special MembersEdit

Third GenerationEdit

  • R1 - Hikaru Todoroki
  • R2
  • R3
  • R4
  • R5 - Eiji Ishiguro
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