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Rescue Fire Team

Rescue Fire is a group of well-trained firefighters that are a rescue team chosen by the UFDA.

Fire Suits and Equipment[]

The Fire Suits are Rescue Fire's thick suits that protects them from fire, although it's reistance is limited. The regular team's suits are based on dragons while the Sky Team's are based on falcons. Each helmet has a double visor. The Fire Suits are similar to Rescue Suits in some ways like the gloves and the packs.

The Fire Suits had to be tested numerous times. The test subject was Captain Riku Taiga.

Fire Suits can be suited on its user through Rescue Megaphones or the Jet Calibers.


Original Team[]

Sky Team[]

Special Team[]

Honorary Members[]

Although not an official member of Rescue Fire, the following people below are the ones that aided Rescue Fire in rescues.

  • Riku Taiga - sacrificed his body to test the Fire Suits and arrive at scenes of rescue.
  • Tamami Sugiyama - once summoned GaiaLeon in time of danger.