Rescue Drill

Rescue Drill

Rescue Drill is a blue medium-sized Rescue vehicle that has twin drills and a buzzsaw on top. Its main user is usually Hikaru. When combined with the large scaled vehicles, it could preform the attack, Drill Boost, where it would launch into the air pierce through its target and destroy it. Rescue Drill's drills could also act as giant screwdrivers.



Rescue Drill as Drillen

When Rescue Force was transferred to Europe, all the Medium-scaled Rescue vehicles were to be transferred to there as well by sea. While all the others were taken to the dock by Zero Fire, Rescue Drill went separately. However, Ukaen, a Jakkaen commander transformed it into the Fire Majin, Drillen.

UFDA's new rescue team, Rescue Fire, was dispatched in order to stop Drillen. As the chase went on, Drillen went past the east railroad and deeper into the surface, causing hot springs in the process. Rescue Fire went to Drillen's predicted destination, the oil complex. Ukaen then evolved Drillen into a drill troll-like Fire Majin.

Drillen's revenge kaen form

Drillen's revenge kaen form

Fire-1, wanting to get Rescue Drill back undamaged, leaped into the Fire Main and got inside Rescue Drill's cockpit. Fire-1 told it to remember the times when it was with Rescue Force. Rescue Drill did remember and cried at its memories. After a struggle, Fire-1 and Rescue Drill managed to get out of Drillen. Rescue Drill then combined with Rescue Striker (piloted by Fire-3) to form Drill Striker and used its Drill Boost to destroy Drillen.

Rescue Drill was shortly then transfered to Europe. The Drillen incident convinced Rescue Fire to add protective shields on their Rescue Fire vehicles that will prevent them from turning them into Fire Majins.

Rescue Drill Black TypeEdit

Rescue-Drill Black

The new black Rescue Drill

Rescue Drill was sent back to Japan for some upgrades. The new Rescue Drill was black and possibly the armor was Fire Majin-resistent. It was the first vehicle to be launched after its upgrade. Rescue Drill along with the other upgraded medium-scale vehicles stayed with Rescue Fire

Rescue CardsEdit

Rescue Drill - Summons Rescue Drill

Drill Boost - activates Rescue Drill's Final Rescue Move

Open Up - summons all medium-scale vehicles including Rescue Drill

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