Rescue Dozer

Rescue Dozer, Dump truck mode


Rescue Dozer is the most powerful medium-scale vehicle. It's based on a dump truck and has a secondary mode, Dump mode. Its final rescue is Dozer Drive, where Dozer crushes enemies between its dump and grill as a claw. Kyosuke often referred to Rescue Dozer as Rescue Saver's partner

Rescue ForceEdit

When Rescue Dozer was constructed, UFDA tested its power. Rescue Dozer crushed so many experiments and projects, so it was kept away in storage. Kyosuke felt confident that he had the power to manuever Rescue Dozer. So he and Rei secretly loaded Dozer in Rescue Pheonix during their mission to battle Neo Terror's Terra Resetter.

The Terra Resetter had a barrier the other final rescues can't penetrate through. So Rescue Dozer was summoned and combined with Saver to form Dozer Saver. Dozer Saver grabbed the Terra Resetter and crushed it in a closed space. Since then, Rescue Dozer would be on several missions with Rescue Saver. Later, Dozer and Rescue Drill were chosen to combine with Rescue Max.

Rescue FireEdit


The blue Rescue Dozer

Rescue Dozer was sent to Europe along with Rescue Force. It was later sent back to Japan for upgrades and was recolored blue. Rescue Dozer stayed in Japan with Rescue Fire.

Rescue Cards Edit

Rescue Dozer - Summons Rescue Dozer

Dozer Drive - activates Rescue Dozer's final move

Open Up - Summons all medium-scale vehicles including Rescue Dozer

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