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Rescue Diver starting up.

The Rescue Diver (レスキューダイバー Resukyū Daibā) is UFDA's first flying vehicle that is Rescue Saver's successor. It's equipped with a giant drill and has circular blades on its wings. Its Final Rescue is Flash Drill (フラッシュドリル Furasshu Doriru), launching drill-shaped ice missiles at its target. The vehicle belonged to R2.


Rescue the Mach Train!

Rescue Diver's first mission was to rescue R1 Max and Miyuki from the Mach Train hijacked by the Metal Train. After rescuing them, Diver combined with Rescue Striker to form jet vehicle mode. When Metal Train turned into Snake Train, Rescue Diver/Striker transformed into its robot mode, Super Rescue Max and scrapped it.

Rescue Force

Rescue Diver and Striker would usually fight by side as Super Rescue Max against the Flight Zukkiens and the Crisis Makers. Rescue Diver once defeated an army of Kaens on its own. Later, Diver combined with all the other vehicles to form Great God Striker to combat against Bastu. When the combinations's attack failed, Striker and Diver combined into jet vehicle mode. Diver launched Striker and its front drill into Batsu's core to destroy the computer.

Rescue Fire

Later, Rescue Diver was transferred to Europe along with Rescue Force and was now piloted by Ishiguro (R5). Kyosuke has retired from Rescue Force. R5 and Rescue Diver later aided Rescue Fire in fighting off the Fire Maijin attack in London and combined with Striker into Super Rescue Max to combat against one of the Jakkaen Commanders.


Jet Vehicle Mode

The combination of Rescue Diver and Rescue Striker. Rescue Striker's front half attaches between Rescue Diver's drill and the main body. The combination increases Rescue Diver's speed. It could be sometimes described as Super Rescue Max's vehicle mode.

Rescue Cards

Rescue Diver - summons Rescue Diver

Flash Drill - activates Rescue Diver's final rescue. The attack includes shooting eight freezing drill missiles at its target.

Max Hyper Up - allows Rescue Diver to combine with Striker to form Jet Vehicle Mode or Super Rescue Max.

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