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The Rescue Dashes are Rescue Fire's personal small-scale vehicles. A Rescue Megaphone or a Jet Caliber can be attached to the steering wheel for vehicle commands. They serve as cockpits for Rescue Fire's large-scale personal vehicles. The Rescue Dashes are also used for Dragon Attacks, Falcon Attacks, and Great Wyvern Attacks, where the larger vehicles or combinations launch the car as a charged-up speeding projectile.

Rescue Dashes[]


A red Nissan 370Z cruiser with Tatsuya Homura as its driver.

Dash 2[]

A Nissan Paramedic Ambulance assigned to Yuma Megumi.


A Nissan Cube van for Ritsuka Yuki. It's silver with green streaks.


A black Nissan Skyline Coupe given to Tsubasa Aoi.


A blue Nissan X-Trail that's assigned to Fire-5.


A silver Nissan Murano that's used by Captain Riku Taiga. Dash-6 is the only Rescue Dash not to have a larger personal vehicle along with it (GaiaLeon doesn't really count, as it has a mind of its own).

Note:All rescue dashes are nissan