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Rescue Crusher is a large secondary rescue tool used by Rescue Force. In order to activate its functions, a Rescue Commander has to be connected to Rescue Crusher.


Trunk Mode

Trunk Mode is Rescue Crusher's standby mode until needed.

Mantis Mode

In this mode, Rescue Crusher's chainsaw is folded out. Its move is Mantis Impact, where the blade charges up and sends an energy blast that could slice its target.

Whale Mode

In this mode, Rescue Crusher's spray cannon is set out front. Its move is Whale impact, shooting a spray of water or vaccine. This mode is usually used for extinguishment.

Drill Crusher

R3 combined her Rescue Crusher with her Rescue Breaker, break drill mode, forming Drill Crusher. Drill Crusher's drill sends a powerful spinning enrgy when rammed through or launched.

Rescue Cards

  • Mantis Impact - summons Mantis impact when Rescue Crusher is in Mantis Mode
  • Whale Impact - summons Whale Impact when Rescue Crusher is in Whale Mode.
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