Rescue Crane, departing from Rescue Pheonix


Rescue Crane is the sixth medium-scale vehicle. It's a skyblue crane and the design is similar to Rescue Riser. Rescue Crane is the only medium-scale vehicle to have a cockpit for a smaller vehicle. R1 and R5 are its main users.

Rescue ForceEdit

Rescue Crane was created shortly after the construction of Rescue Diver, prior to the battle of God Striker and the Omega Zukkien. While Rescue Force was on a mission, Rescue Crane was delivered. On its first mission, R5 used it to get R1 and two victims out of a cave that was coated with a zero-friction chemical.

Rescue Crane later was given the ability to combine with Super Rescue Max.

Rescue FireEdit

Rescue-Crane Green

Rescue Crane, Green Type

Rescue Crane, along with the other medium-scale vehicles, were sent to Europe where Rescue Force is waiting.

Rescue Crane was later sent to Japan for upgrades. Rescue Crane's colors changed from sky-blue to green. It stayed in Japan with Rescue Fire.

Rescue CardsEdit

Rescue Crane - summons Rescue Crane

Super Max Blaster - activates final rescue for Super Rescue Max Crane.

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