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Director Reiji Osakabe

Reiji Osakabe is the head of UFDA, one of the highest positions. He's often seen wearing a fedora.

He can also transform into R0, wearing golden armor.

Korean name: 레이지 (Reiji)

Rescue the Mach Train![]

Reiji Osakabe was first seen in the movie watching the current members of Rescue Force dance with a school girl.

During the Mach Train incident, a group of busts blocked the Mach Train pulled by the Metal Train. Osakabe then summoned his vehicle, Zero Fire and launched the five medium-scale vehicles to remove them. Reiji then came down from his place and summoned his core vehicle, Core Zero Fire. Using his rescue commander, Core Zero Fire transformed Reiji Osakabe into R0.


R0 fought off Neo Terror's Axtos with his his Rescue Zamber. Then he handed it to Hikaru, R1 and allowed him to use it and remind them of the crisis.

Reiji and the Supreme Commander then began working on research on the Metal Train, creator Dr. Maddo. They discovered he was Mataro Madano the scientist and realized he planned to crash the train at Nouvelle Ginza for revenge.

Later, the director as R0 helped Rescue Force battle against Metal Train in its snake form. He then reminded them to fight for the people's lives and their smiles.

After the battle, Reiji Osakabe was introduced to the members of Rescue Force by the Supreme Commander. He encouraged them in their work and reminded them to be on guard for the future crisises.

Rescue Fire[]

Reiji Osakabe was still director. Rescue Force has been transferred to Europe. Reiji discussed a global warming phenomenon that unleashed the Jakkaen, a group of Fire Demons with the board members of UFDA. He then introduced their new rescue team, Rescue Fire.

Later, Reiji helped one of the members, Tatsuya who is Fire-1 control his Rescue Soul to be able to pilot a new vehicle called X-Dragon.

Personality and Traits[]

Reiji Osakabe appears to be a calm and quiet person. And he would remind UFDA's rescue teams of their reason for their rescues. He admires those whose goal is to protect lives and the people's smiles, as he saw in Hikaru.

Episode Appearances[]

Rescue Force[]

  • Movie: Rescue the Mach Train

Rescue Fire[]

  • Ep.1 - A New Enemy: The Roaring Fire Dragon
  • Ep. 25 - Stand Up Tatsuya: Use the New Vehicle
  • Ep. 49 - The Greatest Crisis: Donkaen, Complete Revival
  • Ep. 50 - Make A Miracle: The Blue Pearls
  • Ep. 51 - The Final Decisice Battle: Explosively Extinguish Donkaen!


  • Reiji Osakabe is played by Hiroshi Fujioka best know actor for portraying Hongo Takeshi the very first Kamen Rider Ichigo