Neo Terror has created some bacterias that's brought up through Crisis Makers. Soe of them have the ability to form into a mobile form. Most of them are created to afflict humans.

Yuruyuru BacteriaEdit

This bacteria was made by San to disassemble metal objects from inside out. But Neo Terror accidently dropped it from a tower, breaking the bacteria container. When the bacteria spread, it revealed it also had a side effect: the bacteria could slow down people. A vaccine was produced by Rescue Force. The vaccine was fired R4's Rescue Crusher, Whale Impact mode.

Yuruyuru Bacteria 2Edit

This improved version of Neo Terror's first bacteria was designed to only humans. The results include chill, fever, and diarrhea and proved to be fatal within an hour. The bacteria was targeted Asia Counteract Super-Disaster Summit, along with R2. Rescue Force managed to make a vaccine and deliver it on time, thanks to Core Striker Max, the upgraded Core Striker. The last person to be cured was R2. However, the rest of the bacteria gathered and formed into a monster, Rescue Saver and Drill Striker destroyed the bacteriological monstrosity.

Kachikachi BacteriaEdit

Maen created this bacteria to stiffen anything in its path. Neo Terror released it on two cities and affected three members of Rescue Force. But R2 with the vaccine on a special skateboard managed to release the vaccine into the air, counteracting the bacteria. The rest of the bacteria was coated on a Zukkein, turning it into Zukkein Hard Model. It was scrapped by Rescue Max Drill-Dozer.

Kumanomi BacteriaEdit

The last bacteriological weapon that's created from clownfish DNA. The results of the bacteria was men turning feminine, thus disturbing human reproduction. The male members of Rescue Force were affected by it. Most of the bacteria formed into a shape of a giant clownfish. Super Rescue Max, piloted by Rei and Juri, destroyed the monster. The rest of the bacteria was disposed of by a vaccine and the victims were cured.

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