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Professor Natsumemori's son

Professor Natsumemori is UFDA's creditable adviser and part of the International Rescue League. He took part in the creation of Rescue Force's arensal and vehicles. He has a son who worked was inspired by Rescue Force and works at the UFDA for 35 years as a janitor

Korean name: Einstein

Rescue Force[]

Prof. Natsumemori was supposed to arrive at Rescue Pheonix in teaching Rescue Force more about rescues. His son managed to sneek away from his janitor duties and posed as his father. Since the members of Rescue Force didn't meet the real professor personally, they accepted him as whom he claims to be.

Natsumemori went over with Rescue Force through their vehicles and their tools and pointed out some needs for improvements. At one point, he made them rescue a toy kitten from a tree. Then he excitedly tried on R1's rescue suit. Natsumemori told it was to show that only specialized people could wear it. Natsumemori then got the conclusion of the purpose of Rescue Force from the members. Natsumemori then asked Hikaru to borrow his rescue card and suceeded in doing the finish signature.

Captain General then gave a call to Rescue Force that the professor has arrived and recognized the person who claimed to be the professor as his son. Natsumemori's partner then came in, scolding him from running off. The false professor then put on his janitor hat, returned the card, and was about to resume his duties. But then Rescue Force then tackled on him for impersonation.

Episode Appearances[]

Ep. 11 - The Professor Appears: Rescue Special Lecture


  • While his son appeared, the real Professor Natsumemori didn't appear in the episode.