Miyuki Maijima

Mikyuki Maijima is a high school student who befriended Rescue Force . She's also a pro dancer.

Korean name: 미키 (Miki)

Rescue the Mach Train!Edit

In the beginning of the movie, Miyuki joined in with Rescue Force when they were dancing. Miyuki revealed to them that her dream was to go to New York and become a pro dancer. However, her parent disprove of her talent. Kyosuke eased her mind for a while by asking her to dance with them for a while.

Under the advise of her friends, Miyuki bought herself a ticket for the word-wide traveling Mach Train without telling her parents. There she met Rei and Juri, where they rode the train together.

During the voyage, the Mach Train got hijacked by Metal Train, driven by Dr, Maddo (formerly Mataro Madano). And the train wasn't going to stop until Nouvelle Ginza. It even passed New York, making Miyuki depressed.

Rescue Force arrived to get the passengers to safety. Miyuki went all the way to the last car of the Mach Train along with the rest of the passengers. Hikaru Todoroki then detached the car from the Mach Train. Unfortunately, Neo Terror's Axto kicked Miyuki back on the train, forcing HIkaru to jump back to keep Miyuki safe.

During the ride, Miyuki confessed that she gave up her dream. Hikaru comforted her by telling her there is a chance for her to have courage and pursue her dream. Kyosuke and Rescue Diver arrived to get them off the train. At first, Miyuki hesitated, until Hikaru told it's the only way and to grab some courage. Diver managed to rescue them. Hikaru then took Miyuki to a safe area.

Later, after the Mach Train incident, Miyuki stood up to her parents and held on to her dream. Eventually, her parents gave in and accepted. Miyuki told Rescue Force of this and thanked them for the courage they had given to her. Then she and Rescue Force did a final dance number at the end.


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Movie: Rescue the Mach Train.

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