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Mie is a teacher at Himawari Academy and a childhood friend of Tatsuya Homura, sort of like an older sister.

Early life[]

While she was a student, Mie met Tatsuya, whose parents have died in a fire and having a difficult life. Mie would keep him company and taught him how to smile through difficult circumstances.

Rescue Fire[]

Mie became a teacher while Tatsuya became part of Rescue Fire.

Tatsuya would often visit her at Himawari Academy on occasions. During a Valentines Day, Mie gave a chocolate of love to him.

While Mie and Tatsuya were celebrating a student's birthday, the Jakaens attacked Himawari Academy. Rescue Fire got her and the students evacuated as the school began to burn. Upon hearing a student was missing, Mie ran back inside to save her. Tatsuya as Fire-1 got Mie-sensei and the girl out of the building. Mie was injured during the rescue and was placed under medical care. After her recovery, she helped rebuild Himawari Academy.

During Christmas. Tatsuya (dressed as Santa), Yuma, and Tama-chan came to entertain the children at Mie's classroom. After Rescue Fire left for a worldwide rescue, Mie and the students saw Jokaen's broadcast of his announcement of bringing down the Soho comet. Upon meeting Tatsuya alone before his mission, she encouraged him to come back safely. Tatsuya did kept his promise.

Mie eventually got engaged to another man. This made Tatsuya depressed, refusing to answer her calls. Tatsuya finally accepted and congragulated her on her engagement and promised to attend her wedding.

Episode Appearances[]

  • Ep. 13 - I'll Protect the School: Beyond the Smile
  • Ep. 25 - Stand up Tatsuya: Use the New Vehicle
  • Ep. 37 - Emergency Dispatch: Rescue Force
  • Ep. 38 - Save the Earth: Great Wyvern GX
  • Ep. 45 - Chocolate Flames: A Tumultuous Valentine's Day
  • Ep. 47 - The Hijacked Fire Phoenix
  • Ep. 48 - Conclusion: Fire-1 VS Jokaen