Metal-Train 2p

Metal Train, front view

The Metal Train is a special speeding Train made by Dr. Mataro Madano. It was meant to be a template for the Mach Train. However, The Nouvelle Ginza turned it down. The Neo Terror convinced Madano to have revenge, causing him to adapt the identity of Dr. Mado. He made his Metal Train hijack the Mach Train on it first voyage and plan to crash it at Nouvelle Ginza's main branch. Rescue Force was dispatched to rescue Mach Train's victims and stop the Metal Train.

All of Mach Train's hostages were saved except Mikuki Maijama and Rescue Force's R1. Rescue Diver was sent in order to rescue them. Dr. Mado activated one of Metal Train's top lasers, but the remaining two were rescued.


Metal Train's attack form, Snake Train

R1's Rescue Striker and Rescue Diver combined into Jet Vehicle Mode and and began to catch up to it. But Dr. Mado has one more trick up his sleeve. It separated from the Mach Train and grabbed Jet Rescue Striker/Diver into space and transformed into its attack mode, Snake Train. After getting hits from R0's Zero Fire, the Snake Train flew downtown. Rescue Striker and Rescue Diver formed their final mode, Super Rescue Max. After a brief air battle, Super Rescue Max finished it off with its Drill Blaster. Dr. Mado survived, but he was arrested.


In order to tranform from train to snake mode, Metal Train first stretches out its body. The wheels would then fold down to form its underside. Finally the front would flip down as the head with two antennas coming out.

Weapons and AttackEdit

The Metal Train has mechanical tentacles at the back to grab its victim. Also at the front, there are retractable lasers. When in Snake form, it could do a spinning laser attack.

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