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Max Divider (マックスディバイダー Makkusu Dibaidā) is a Rescue Tool exclusively for R1 Max. It is usually the size of a wristwatch and attached to the right arm, but when it is summoned for use, the energy flows in and it becomes huge, expands to its original size. The common attack involves R1 Max launching its circular blade at his targets.


  • Divider Mode (ディバイダーモード Dibaidā Mōdo): Basic form. The disk cutter-type tool, launch itself at high speed to cut through any obstacles.
  • Drill Mode (ドリルモード Doriru Mōdo): The main body rotated 180 degrees, used to penetrate through rubbles.
  • Sword Mode (ソードモード Sōdo Mōdo): The side edges expanded, used for close combat.

Special Attacks[]

  • Sonic Divider (ソニックディバイダー Sonikku Dibaidā): The common attack for Max Divider, emits a blade of light.
  • Flame Divider (フレイムディバイダー Fureimu Dibaidā): The flaming blade fires up as it spins, emits a cooling substance.
  • Aqua Divider (アクアディバイダー Akua Dibaidā): When the blade reaches its target, it would also freeze it as well.