Mataro Madano, bitter over the Mach Train

Mataro Madano is a scientist who invented the Metal Train . But his creation was turned down by Nouvelle Ginza for the Mach Train. When he worked with Neo Terror, he assumed the identity of Dr. Maddo.

Rescue the Mach Train!Edit

Dr Maddo

The insane Dr. Maddo

Mataro Madano was working at a resturaunt and saw Rescue Force on TV, whom he considered his greatest obstacle. During closing time, Madano was comfronted by Neo Terror. Maen, the childish leader reminded him of Mach Train replacing his Metal Train. This stirred up Madano's hatred for Mach Train and gain revenge.

Changing his name Dr. Maddo, he used his Metal Train to grab Mach Train. The mad scientist then announced his hijacking to the passengers and departed for Nouvelle Ginza, where he tends to crash it.

During the voyage, Mach Train's passengers were saved thanks to Rescue Force, with the exception of R1 and a high school girl . R2 and Rescue Diver later came to their rescue. Dr. Maddo noticed this and attempted to blast away Diver. The two prisoners managed to be rescued.

R1 Max and R2 combined Diver and Rescue to form Jet Vehicle Mode. Dr. Maddo noticed they were gainein on him. He began to get frustrated. But then he remembered Metal Train's special feature. Dr. Maddo made Metal Train release its hold on Mach Train and grab Jet Striker/Diver into the sky. Dr. Maddo then transformed the train into Sanke Train. Although the combo wasn't able to catch up with Snake Train's movements, R0 and Zero Fire fired from below, making Mataro desperate. He then brought his vehicle down into the city.

Jet Vehicle Mode formed into robot mode, Super Rescue Max . Dr. Maddo fiercly tried to crush the mech. Super Rescue Max managed to pierce Snake Train's neck, much to his horror, Snake Train was then frozen and destroyed. Dr. Maddo managed to evade and parachuted down on a pole. Dr. Maddo was then arrested by the global police

Personality and TraitsEdit

Mataro Madano has a deep hatred and dislike for Rescue Force and Mach Train. As Dr. Maddo, he seems to be a bit insane. He's known to get desperate and frustrated when things don't go according to his plan.


  • Movie: Rescue the Mach Train!


  • Mataro Madano/Dr. Maddo was played by Ryota Yamasato of Nanaki Candies.
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