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Marimo Taiga

Marimo Taiga is Captain Riku Taiga's and Naoshi's younger sister and Asuka's aunt who works at their parents' farm. She is good with her rope and has a passion for animals. Marimo is hinted to have a liking for Tatsuya.

Rescue Fire[]

Marimo came from Hokkaido to Tateishi City for her brother, Riku. She had several members of the UFDA tied up. Finally, she managed to get Tatsuya, a member of Rescue Fire to lead her to her brother. Upon meeting him, she asked for help at their farm; their cow, Saori is pregnant, and work is to be done on the farm. Taiga agreed to. But unknown to them, Tatsuya and Jun thought Saori is the captain's wife and he is returning to be with her.

While walking, Tatsuya, who still misunderstood, tried to get Marimo to change her mind of the captain being back on the farm. Just then, the Jakaens begin attacking. During the chaos, Marimo whipped up some of the Jakasts with her skills. But then she and Tatsuya got trapped in a collasped building, along with another victim.

While waiting for rescue, Marimo explained of her brother's past. While they were in elementary, Riku often play pranks and Marimo would spend time with the school's rabbits. A fire broke out one day, taking the rabbits into the flames. Marimo cried for them for hours; after this incident, Riku vowed to save others and what's precious to them.

Hikaru, Rescue Force's R1 freed Marimo, Tatsuya, and the injured person. While Tatsuya takes care of the Fire Majins as Fire-1(X), Marimo, Riku, and R1 helped the remaining trapped people. After Fire-1X, Rescue King, and GaiaLeon finished off Hyper Ukaen on Hyper Biken, Marimo said her brother's catchphrase, "Mission Clear!". much to his annoyance.

Marimo then clarified the misunderstanding and even showed a picture of Saori. Then she asked Tatsuya for assistance on the farm. Tatsuya tried to get away, as he can't stand her. But there was no escaping from Marimo.

Episode Appearances[]

  • Ep. 43 - Captain Taiga, Returning to his hometown?