Maen, the new leader of Neo Terror

Maen is the childish new leader of Neo Terror. She dresses in lolita style and carries an umbrella. While claiming to be the "daughter" of Daen, she actually is a form of Batsu.

Rescue ForceEdit

Shortly after AI Daen's destruction, the Neo Terror executives followed their Dark Commander to the location of the energy charger. After charging up, Maen revealed herself to them and introduced herself. While Maare was delighted to meet Daen's daughter, San and Sica were uncomfortable with her bratty behavior.

Maen gave them the Crisis Cards that would summon the crisises when the cards are slashed through the Dark Commander. When the crisis is at its limit, Maen would give them request to bring forth the Zukkeins , disaster making crane-like mechas. Maen made herself known to Rescue Force during the Sound crisis. Every time a plan fails, Maen would leave the executive and meet them at another city later

Omega CrisisEdit

Maen once created the Omega Zukkein, the most powerful of all Zukkeins. In order to power it up, she had the executives get the Omeganium to power it up and to unleash magma with the Magma Zukkein at Acadameia City. After obtaining Omeganium, she hot-wired the executives to the Omega Zukkein. While it was drilling to the surface, Maen sent twin Zukkeins to distract Rescue Force. By the time they defeated them, the Omega Zukkein has reached the surface.

Maen had R3 and R4 held captive inside the Zukkein. The two managed to escape and R1 Max arrived. Having no choice, she reactivated the executives to fight them. Once they were out, Maen linked herself to the mecha. But Rescue Force has come up with a new vehicle combination, God Striker. God Striker then pireced through the Zukkein. Maen was dispaired and seemed to be caught in the explosion, calling out to Daen in process.

Rescue the Mach Train!Edit

Maen appeared at the beginning of the movie, meeting with Mataro Madano , the engineer who built Metal Train. She stirred up his hatred for Mach Train which replaced his creation to help her in creating a Super-Disaster with Metal Train. But when the plan failed thanks to Rescue Force, she regretted for joining forces with him.


Continuing with the series, Maen has surived along with the Neo Terror executives. They begun using Flight Zukkeins and new Crisis Makers. They came down to their last one: the Super Catastrophe Starter, creating an energy harvesting firestorm, powering her up. Maen then explained of her history with a new voice. After the Neo Terror executives were drained of most of their energy by Rescue Force, Maen claims she doesn't need them anymore and revealed her true form: Batsu.

Personality and TraitsEdit

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