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From left to right, Kenji, Koichi, and Juushirou (between the two poilcemen)

The Madan Warriors were from the TV series, Madan Senki Ryukendo. The warriors include Kenji Narukami, Juushirou Fudou, and Koichi Shiranami. Currently, two of them are working for the global police while one became a flower seller.

Rescue the Mach Train![]

Shortly after the Mach Train incident, Kenji, Juushirou, and two policemen arrived to arrest Dr. Maddo who was responsible for driving the Mach Train out of control. One of the policemen spoke loudly in the mic. Kenji grabbed it away from him, announcing the criminal's name, having trouble with his name. Juushirou, as a megaphone was shoved in front of him, declared Madano under arrest. Koichi came to see what they were doing. After Dr. Maddo was taken away, the three former warriors saluted to two of Rescue Force 's members, Hikaru and Kyosuke.