Kyosuke Jinrai

Kyosuke Jinrai is Rescue Force's R2, wearing silver armor. His personal vehicles are Core Saver (later upgraded into Core Diver), Rescue Saver, and Rescue Diver.

Korean name: 카이 (Kai)

Rescue ForceEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kyosuke is usually the most sensitive. He's usually shown to be cheerful and easygoing. However. he's always willing to succeed in completing rescue missions. Sometimes, he can get jealous when someone else (like Hikaru) gets some privileges.


Hikaru TodorokiEdit

Kyosuke is Hikaru's sempai. He is 21 years old. There were some things Hikaru has that Kyosuke envies including the first to drive a large-scale vehicle and being Rescue Max's head. Either those privileges temporarily come true, or Kyosuke just accepts the ways. He is very kind hearted and cares for everybody.


He loves a beautiful and young girl called Jhishan. She is also very caring and pretty. Kyosuke marries her. 

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