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Kentaro is a member of Nagoya's Hyper Rescue Team and a childhood friend of Tama-chan. He has what is called the Kishimen Soul (similar to Rescue Fire's Rescue Soul)

Rescue Fire[]

Kentaro was first seen rescuing the weatherwoman, Azusa, and her son.

He was later introduced to Rescue Fire, who was at Nagoya for the cause of Nagoya's rapid heat climate. He showed them his team's beliefs and intoduced them to a cafe. There, Kentaro met Tama-chan. Unknown to Kentaro, Yuma, Rescue Fire's Fire-2 has feelings for her.

Kentaro later aided the teams in fighting an Extreme Fire caused by a scared Koala Fire Majin. During the fire, Kentaro started to rescue a mother and her children. But the Jakaen commander, Sakaen, interferred and launched his wrecking ball at them. Kentaro got the blow and was knocked off of the building. But he managed to hang on and get back on his feet, with his Kishimen Soul still active. Fire-2 then got Sakaen away from him, allowing Kentaro to rescue the family.

After the rescue was complete, Yuma then requested Kentaro to take care of Tama-chan for him. Kentaro then revealed that he was already married and had a daughter. He later saw Yuma trying out one of Tama-chan's gourmet meals.

During an attack by a Fire Majin, Kentaro, Rescue Fire, and the Hyper Rescue Nagoya Team were deployed. While Rescue Fire handles the Fire Demon, Kentaro and his team put out the fire at Nagoya Castle. Later, he and the whole team aided Fire-1X by distracting Jokaen with spraying water from a hose. After the battle, Kentaro saluted to Rescue Fire as they return to their home city.

Episode Appearances[]

  • Ep. 40 - A Super-Fire in Nagoya City? Rescue Fire, Emergency Dispatch
  • Ep. 41 - Save the Koala! Rescue Spirit and Kishimen Spirit
  • Ep. 42 - Jokaen is still Alive: Nagoya Castle, Duel at the Tower Keep