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Kai's main body

Kai is an emotional AI developed by the UFDA to have a human mind and passion. It developed a bond with Rei. The computer has a favorite story about a snow fox who courageously tried to save his friends. Kai had a wish to see snow.

Korean name: 바다 (pronounced "Bada" meaning sea)

Rescue Force

Neo Terror released a computer virus around the city. Kai then aborbed the virus from the city. But then it trapped everyone inside the building, activating its defense system. A scientist revealed to Rei that Kai had a minor unfixable flaw that caused him to be feared of being override and shut down.

While Rescue Force was on the way to save the trapped people, Rei began to Kai its favorite story. But Kai had begun to hate the story, because the fox died in the story and thought sacrifice was required. Rei explained that sacrifice is only needed when necessary and pointed out the fox's care for its friend. Kai was moved and deactivated the Defense system.

Neo Terror then increased the virus's power, with the danger of Kai overloading its core. In order to prevent damage, Kai will have to be destroyed. The computer decided to save the lives of the people and managed to control itself for Super Rescue Max Crane to shut it down for good.

Shortly after Kai's destruction, the weather began to snow. Rei held on to the memories of Kai and seem to hear it thanking her for the story.

Episode Appearnces

  • Ep. 43 - Thank You Rei; The Fox's Story is Unforgettable.