Juri Shiraki is R4 of the second Rescue Force team and the youngest member as well. Her armor color is white. Juri can also execute Kajibano Super Power, giving her herculean strength


Juri lived with her grandfather since around five. She even made a card tag for him once. During fourth grade, Juri fell in love with a boy named Yuto Fukuzawa. Later, he had to go to America. However Yuto gave Juri a necklace with a glass slipper on it to remember him and promised to be her prince someday.

Rescue ForceEdit

Juri eventually joined Rescue Force as R4 and specialized in medical operations. She was given Core Aider for transport. Rei, R3, became her best friend. Rescue Force was joined by Hikaru Todoroki who was appointed as R1. During rescue missions, Juri would be in charge of taking care of injured people and fight Neo Terror, the cause of the Extreme Disaster .She is a new friend of Hikaru.

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