Jet Falcon, rescue mode

Jet Falcon is a large-scale flying vehicle with the designs of a blue falcon. It was assigned to Fire-4.

Standby Mode and Rescue ModeEdit

To transform from standby mode to rescue mode, it simply raises its wing blades.


Jet Falcon is able to shoot Hydro Missiles from it's wings. Its Final Rescue move is Aurora Break, creating a jetstream around the enemy. It's then followed by a Falcon Attack, launching Dash-4 at its target. Sometimes Jet Falcon would preform a Double Falcon Attack with Heli Falcon.


Super Jet FalconEdit


Super Jet Falcon

Heli Falcon attaches on top of Jet Falcon. Heli Falcon's blades link to each wing of Jet Falcon. Its final rescue is Super Aurora Break, creating a wind that freezes the opponent. Then a Super Falcon attack is used, launching a super-charged Dash-4.
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