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Jet Calibur

The Jet Caliber is Rescue Fire's Sky Team's main rescue tool. It doubles as a weapon and a suit-up tool. It's usually kept in the Rescue Dashes until needed.

Functions and Modes[]


Attached on the promnel, the Sky Team could command through it.

Jet Burner[]

Jet Burner enables the user to fly. The jet thrust comes from Jet Caliber's promnel.

Sword Mode[]

Jet Caliber's weapon mode. It's attack is Sky V Slash, where the user makes two slashes at the enemy in shape of a V, and explode on impact.

Extinguisher Mode[]

Jet Caliber could send a gush of water out of its center of the handle.


  • Sky Up - suits up the Sky Team into Fire suits with the command, "Tenku Chakosou" ("Sky Suit-Up).
  • Dash Go - launches the Rescue Dashes from the Falcon vehicles
  • Scramble - summons the Falcon vehicles
  • Final Rescue - executes the Final Rescue
  • Falcon Up - combines the Falcon vehicles with Sky Gattai.


  • Tsubasa Aoi
  • Jun Watari