Jet Calibur

The Jet Caliber is Rescue Fire's Sky Team's main rescue tool. It doubles as a weapon and a suit-up tool. It's usually kept in the Rescue Dashes until needed.

Functions and ModesEdit


Attached on the promnel, the Sky Team could command through it.

Jet BurnerEdit

Jet Burner enables the user to fly. The jet thrust comes from Jet Caliber's promnel.

Sword ModeEdit

Jet Caliber's weapon mode. It's attack is Sky V Slash, where the user makes two slashes at the enemy in shape of a V, and explode on impact.

Extinguisher ModeEdit

Jet Caliber could send a gush of water out of its center of the handle.


  • Sky Up - suits up the Sky Team into Fire suits with the command, "Tenku Chakosou" ("Sky Suit-Up).
  • Dash Go - launches the Rescue Dashes from the Falcon vehicles
  • Scramble - summons the Falcon vehicles
  • Final Rescue - executes the Final Rescue
  • Falcon Up - combines the Falcon vehicles with Sky Gattai.


  • Tsubasa Aoi
  • Jun Watari
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