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Hikaru Todoroki

Hikaru Todoroki is a young member and leader of Rescue Force and the current R1 and later gained access to transform into R1 Max. His main vehicles are Core Striker (Max) and Rescue Striker. As R1, he wears blue armor.

Korean name: 라이트 (Light)


During his childhood, Hikaru was friends with Ryuji and caused some mischief together. During one time, Hikaru managed to save his soul mate's life. Since then, Hikaru decided to join Rescue Force and vow to save lives no matter what.

Enrollment in Rescue Academy[]

As Hikaru has dreamed of, he attended Rescue Academy to become a member of Rescue Force. He was in special training, due to his skills in Emergency vehicle operation. But he was there for one year only.

Rescue Force[]

R1 Max

Now 19 years old, Hikaru finally joined Rescue Force and met the current members: Eiji Ishiguro the Captain (who later became R5), Kyosuke Jinrai (R2), Rei Kozuki (R3), and Juri Shiraki (R4). He became the field leader of the Rescue Force, R1. He played with Rei and Juri. He met comrades like R0 and Obuchi who was possessed by Daen. Despite many attempts, he failed to save Obuchi to sacrifice himself, destroying Daen as well.  

Hikaru later marries Juri.

Rescue Fire[]

The last remaining member of the Rescue Force team before being transferred to Europe from episodes 37-38 and from episodes 43-44.