Heli Falcon is a medium-scale vehicle that resembles a sky-blue falcon. It is assigned to Fire-5.
HeliFalcon 1

Heli Falcon, standby mode

Standby mode and Rescue ModeEdit

HeliFalcon 2

Heli Falcon, recue mode

In standby mode, Heli Falcon is a small jet fighter. In rescue mode, it's wings go at the back and its top blades would spread out, making Heli Falcon a helicopter.


Heli Falcon can lauch Hydro Lasers fromits nose. Its final rescue is Freezing Corridor, creating an ice whirlwind around the enemy. Then it would be followed by a Falcon Attack, launching Dash-5 at its opponent. Sometimes it would preform a Double Falcon attack with Jet Falcon .

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