The gas of fear in its physical form

A special type of gas appeared in the last episode of Rescue Force. While it's not harmful to breathe in, the gas causes fear through hallucinations and illusions.

Rescue Force

While Rescue Force was making a guest appearance at a school, the nearly drained Neo Terror executives stumbled upon a spray canister. Thinking it was an energy charger, they pulled the tab and unleashed the gas, affecting some school kids, a cafeteria lady, and Hikaru (R1). Rescue Force was alerted of the situation. Juri (R4) and two students made a vaccine for the gas, while the rest helps in evacuating and helping the children.

Hikaru managed to overcome the gas through saving a girl and aided by Neo Terror. The gas then took a physical form with a fierce face. The vaccine was completed. Hikaru explosively supressed the gas with it through Rescue Striker.

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