GaiaLeon on top of Fire Pheonix

GaiaLeon is a lion-based driveless rescue vehicle with a VVEL engine and an AI. GaiaLeon, X-Dragon, and Q-suke are "brothers" as they have the same amount of AI. GaiaLeon was first summoned by Captain Taiga.

Beast Mode and Excavator ModeEdit

Its beast mode is GaiaLeon's standard and attack mode. GaiaLeon also has a secondary large excavator mode. Among its weapons are lasers on the bucket, dozer claws, and a gaint crane arm, To transform from vehicle mode to beast mode, the legs would fold out from under the treads. The front section that includes the claws and crane go on the back with the lion head connecting to the front.

Final RescueEdit

GaiaLeon's final rescue is Leon Burst, sending a freezing bullet that divides into four lion-shaped bullets at the enemy. It could use this attack only in beast mode.


GaiaLeon is smart in its thinking and is prideful. Because of that, GaiaLeon only listens to those whom he can acknowledge including Captain Taiga and Ritsuka.

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