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Fire Phoenix transforming

Fire Phoenix is the base of Rescue Fire. It's designs are very similar to Rescue Pheonix. Rescue Fire would sometimes use it for space missions. Fire Pheonix is located in Tateishi City like Recue Pheonix.


Fortress Mode[]

Fire Pheonix's fortress and base mode.

Space Mode[]

Fire Pheonix has a mode that allows it to fly. It transforms the way similar to how Rescue Pheonix does. Fire Pheonix is able to go out of Earth's atmosphere.

Spiral Highway[]

Fire Pheonix has a launch track for the Rescue Dashes.


Phoenix Blast!

Unlike Rescue Pheonix, Fire Pheonix has a Final Rescue it could do on its own. Under the command of a Rescue Megaphone, Fire Pheonix can use its move, Freezing Cannon (the Final Rescue Rescue Max and Rescue Pheonix did together was also called Freezing Cannon), freezing the target with twin ice spheres from its wings. Then it finishes off the enemy, ramming with a Pheonix Blast.